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Mercury to the Rescue

Concord Duct Cleaning

Do What Is Right For Your Health & Safety

One of the most common calls our HVAC company receives is from home and business owners concerned about their indoor air quality. At Mercury Heating and Air, we understand that the air you breathe is a concern and seek to address any air filtration and purification problems. Your HVAC system has a drastic impact on air quality, including suffering from allergies and other respiratory concerns. Rather than cleaning air ducts simply because it seems right, ensure that you are doing what is best for your health, safety, and comfort.

Call a Concord HVAC technician at (925) 235-4410 to discuss your indoor air quality needs.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

If your home or business has built-in ductwork, regular cleaning is a must, especially when you notice excessive dust and debris, insects, mold, and rodents. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), what many property owners think to be just dirty ducts are actually a symptom of a more serious underlying cause. That is why at Mercury Heating and Air, our Concord duct cleaning service includes identifying the source to ensure lasting solutions.

Oftentimes Ducts Are Dirty Due To:

  • Insufficient filtration
  • Leaks in the joints
  • Rodent damage
  • Tears

If you notice that your air ducts seem to accumulate dirt faster, it may be time to replace some of the core components in the HVAC. Speak with Mercury Heating and Air to take the right step to improve indoor air quality.

Why Is Regular Duct Cleaning Important?

There are various reasons why dust, dirt, and debris begin building up in air ducts. While you may not know the exact reason behind the accumulation, there are certainly some signs you can look out for that indicate a cleaning is needed. Delaying the cleaning process will only prolong the problem, and negatively affect your indoor air quality. Reach out to our Concord duct cleaning technicians today to find out how we can help you.

Common Signs That Indicate A Duct Cleaning Is Needed:

  • An unexpected increase in your HVAC expenses and energy bills
  • An increase in allergy, asthma, or cold-like symptoms
  • Clear signs of mold in your ductwork or HVAC unit
  • A lack of cold or hot air, depending on the season
  • Stagnant air in certain rooms, due to a decrease in airflow
  • An overall increase in dust throughout the home and in the air vents

Understand Your Concord Duct Cleaning Options

Before undergoing air duct cleaning, be sure to address hazards such as chemicals and sealants that are applied within the ducts and therefore circulated throughout the building. The EPA does not fully understand the impact of duct cleaning on the health of building occupants or the efficiency of the system, so it is recommended to proceed with caution and only clean air ducts as necessary. Consulting with a Concord HVAC professional can help you understand your options and what the proper solution may be.

Give us a call at (925) 235-4410 to request duct cleaning in Concord, Martinez, and Walnut Creek. We can also take a look at your entire HVAC system to find underlying causes of poor air quality.

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